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As a pioneering transportation company that utilizes TMS (Transportation Management System) and GPS tracking technology, we provide our customers with quick updates, convenient data retrieval, and comprehensive and efficient order management.

TMS APPLICATION (Transportation Management System)

  • Cost control and optimization by reducing procedures, manpower, and optimizing routes.
  • Monitoring the entire transportation process on a single platform.
  • Real-time updating of cargo status.
  • Time savings in operational management through automatic statistical system.


Vehicle tracking throughout the transportation process helps customers:

  • Quickly capture information and plan suitable transportation.
  • Save time on checking and exchanging information as in the past.

The specialized route model is designed for domestic transportation services to optimize costs, enhance production capacity, and improve transportation time through solutions such as container reuse, cargo consolidation, and flexible trailer decoupling.

Main specialized routes

Key Routes:

  • Bien Hoa – Amata – Vinh Cuu Route
  • QL51 Route (Long Thanh – Nhon Trach – Ba Ria Vung Tau)
  • Linh Trung High-Tech Industrial Cluster – Song Than Industrial Cluster
  • Song Than Industrial Cluster – VSIP – My Phuoc – Bau Bang
  • Tan Duc Industrial Cluster – Duc Hoa Industrial Cluster

Full Container Load (FTL) and Less Than Container Load (LTL)

In addition to handling import-export cargo (CY truck), we also provide North-South transportation services, cargo transferred between ports of all sizes and dimensions.






Trucks of various load capacities.


Bidding Cargo

Flexible pricing policy


is managed on the TMS system

Eco Driving Certificates

All WR1 alliance drivers are well-trained and professional, regularly participating in vocational courses organized by HINO. The program focuses on teaching drivers techniques for fuel-efficient and safe driving on all types of roads.

Eco Driving - Spreading to the Community

Leading the green logistics movement, WR1 focuses not only on raising awareness and skills among its drivers but also initiates the Eco Driving movement, spreading the message of SAFE DRIVING – FUEL EFFICIENCY – ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION to the community.