Empty Container Reuse Solution

Reuse empty container - Cost Optimization Solution for Increased Profitability

Faced with a severe shortage of empty containers due to the impact of the Covid pandemic, in early 2020, WR1 implemented a model for reusing empty containers for domestic transportation. Additionally, this model was expanded to cover import-export cargo by reusing empty containers from import cargo for export shipments.

Quy trình tái chế Container rỗng
Lợi ích tái chế Container rỗng

This solution brings the following benefits

  • Increases the utilization factor of container assets, helping to alleviate the shortage of empty containers.
  • Optimizes two-way transportation.
  • Reduces transportation costs.
  • Boosts profitability.


Cost Savings

Optimizing two-way transportation helps businesses reduce costs associated with pick-up/drop-off at depots, handling expenses, and other road toll charges during the transportation process

Streamlined - Flexible

By reducing the empty container pick-up and drop-off phases at ports, it becomes possible to be flexible in changing the locations for picking up and returning empty containers, thereby enhancing efficiency

Resource Optimization

Maximizing the capacity and storage capabilities of containers for different shipments by introducing exchangeable empty containers into the WR1 alliance network. This solution also facilitates connecting importers with exporters in need of using empty containers

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Reducing the distance traveled for empty container pick-up and drop-off, and decreasing the number of vehicles on the road, also contributes to reducing carbon emissions into the environment