Non-stackable cargo

Lợi ích đóng hàng không chồng xếp

Cargo not allowed to be stacked

In the transportation of LCL cargo, typically, goods are stacked on top of each other to optimize container efficiency. However, for cargo that MUST NOT be stacked or placed on top, WR1 still provides a solution that optimizes container space while ensuring commitments are met.


  • Goods should be palletized to export standards.
  • Labels must clearly state UNSTACKABLE / FRAGILE / TOP OP…
  • Notify WR1 of all requirements when Booking.
  • There may be additional charges for non-stacking.

Using a two-tier steel rack

To ensure cargo safety in accordance with our commitments while maximizing container loading efficiency to save on logistics costs, WR1 has designed a robust two-tier steel rack and a standard lashing procedure. This allows for the secure loading of non-stackable cargo, fragile items, and items prone to damage…

Space Optimization

By stacking goods in two tiers within each container, WR1 can make the most of the available space, accommodating a larger quantity of goods compared to single-tier loading.

Cost Savings

This solution helps reduce the empty space within the container, thereby reducing or eliminating the non-stacking fees charged to the customer.

Ensuring Safety

Securely clamping the cargo between the two tiers of steel racks helps to keep the cargo fixed and stable, preventing stacking and reducing the risk of damage, loss, and wasted space.

Easy Management

Classifying and labeling each tier of steel rack separately facilitates effective cargo management and allows for convenient and quick retrieval.