bIn the face of the complicated and prolonged development of the Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam and around the world, WR1 determines that every awareness and action, no matter how small, will help us step by step to prevent and repel the Sarc virus. Covi-2, aiming to ensure the safety of each individual himself, his family and the social community.
In the 5K line of defense to prevent Covid, a mask is always a top priority & a prerequisite as a necessary protective soldier for each person. Consider this small mask as an important shield, and consider wearing a mask not only to help yourself, but also to help fulfill a much larger mission of protecting family and society.
So what did we WR1 do to spread this meaningful mission to everyone?
All need consensus, synchronization, propaganda & thorough application in business activities.
The message WR1 wants to share & spread to everyone:
“The Covid-19 epidemic has been and is happening very complicatedly in Vietnam. The whole country is joining hands to prevent the epidemic, let’s show our responsibility, civic duty and national spirit by responding to the instructions on epidemic prevention. Let’s do 5K, wear a mask with the mission to protect others & society is to protect yourself.”

Zalo Wr1