B2B Matching – Expanding your network and reaching new customers

B2B Matching – The most Anticipated Event at VILOG 2024

B2B Matching will run alongside VILOG 2024, scheduled for 2-3 August 2024, organized by WR1 in collaboration with VLA & VINEXAD, to provide VILOG 2024 attendees with the opportunity to connect with each other through one-on-one meetings.

B2B Matching - The most Anticipated Event at VILOG 2024
B2B Matching – The most Anticipated Event at VILOG 2024

Expand your networking opportunities: VILOG brings together over 20,000 attendees from various countries, creating an ideal platform to connect with partners, investors, suppliers, and potential customers.

Meet companies seeking partnerships: VILOG 2024 introduces B2B Matching, allowing you to connect directly with businesses seeking partners in your fields and more.

Expanding Network – A strategy for competitive advantage and risk mitigation

Expanding business’s network in the logistics industry plays a strategic role in helping businesses optimize their supply chain and enhance operational efficiency. Especially, amidst the dynamic and ever-changing global landscape that significantly impacts global supply chains, fostering strategic partnerships has become a cornerstone for businesses to gain a competitive edge and mitigate risks.

Expanding Network for sustainable growth
Expanding Network for sustainable growth

Diversity Resources and Qualify Suppliers

B2B Matching presents an exceptional opportunity for businesses to connect with leading suppliers in the logistics industry. Through in-depth discussions, businesses can proactively engage with multiple suitable suppliers, and diversify their supply sources. In case of disruptions from a current supplier, businesses can flexibly switch to alternative suppliers, reducing disruptions in supply chain execution.

This event also serves as a platform to elevate the quality of a company’s supplier base by screening and evaluating information such as products, services, new technologies, certifications, and pricing from partners present at the event. Businesses can readily grasp information on special offers and promotional programs from new suppliers, optimizing costs and staying abreast of the latest technologies for their supply chains and logistics operations.

Accelerate Market Penetration

B2B Matching facilitates direct conversations between businesses, paving the way for potential investment and opportunities. This presents an exceptional opportunity for foreign companies to swiftly connect with domestic logistics providers, seeking strong resources in Vietnam such as warehouse, transportation, and manpower, which can expand the market and enhance operational efficiency.

Furthermore, foreign enterprises can leverage local partners to optimize marker entry processes, simplifying procedures, minimizing legal hurdles, and ensuring seamlessness within the market’s supply chain. Notably, B2B matching fosters collaboration and innovation among businesses through joint research and development projects, idea and experience sharing, and access to cutting-edge technologies that can be applied to the logistics field.

Building Prospects in a New Market

B2B Matching serves as a powerful tool not only for sourcing qualified suppliers but also for expanding into new markets and building a strong customer base. For international businesses, reaching and converting potential customers in a new market can be a challenge. B2B Matching presents an ideal platform to connect with vendors, distributors to share leads and expand the market share.

Building Prospects in a New Market
Building Prospects in a New Market

Exploiting potential Potential Customers

Through the network of vendors and distributors, businesses can reach a wider audience and accelerate sales growth. B2B Matching enables them to understand businesses’ goals, while companies can identify strategies partners who align with their vision and complement their offerings.

Enhance credibility and reputation

B2B Matching fosters the creation of strong relationships with industry leaders, experts, and peers. This valuable network provides valuable insights into emerging trends, market shifts, and customer preferences, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and solidify your reputation as a trusted and respected player in the logistics landscape, paving the way for long-term success.

Opportunity connect beyond conference

Upon registration, you gain access to an app providing details on all participating companies. Our attendees app provides comprehensive information on all participating companies, allowing you to target and connect with potential partners, clients, and collaborators even after the event. This goes beyond basic attendee lists – the app facilitates ongoing communication, fostering meaningful relationships that extend far beyond the conference itself.

B2B Matching - Expanding your network and reaching new customers
B2B Matching – Expanding your network and reaching new customers

B2B Matching – a gateway to growth and success

B2B Matching presents a compelling opportunity for businesses of all sizes and industries to unlock a wealth of benefits. From expanding network connections and fostering strategic partnerships to accelerating market penetration and enhancing brand reputation, B2B Matching serves as a powerful catalyst for growth and success.

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