City tour: Back in Time – Explore Saigon’s trade in a new way

Steeped in history, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), once known as Saigon, has earned the nickname “Pearl of the Far East”. This strategic hub in southern Vietnam sits at the crossroads of water and land routes, making it a vital gateway to the sea. Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) is the lifeblood of Vietnam’s import-export industry and international trade.

The City tour will take place on July 31st. Let’s join WR1 to experience the beauty of Vietnam on a journey of exploring the Southern trade industry and look back at old Saigon and the huge potential for trading in the past.

City tour: Back in Time - Explore Saigon's trade in a new way
City tour: Back in Time – Explore Saigon’s trade in a new way

A strategic location for Logistics

HCMC has long been a leading economic center in Vietnam. Despite accounting for less than 1% of the country’s land area and 10% of its population, it contributes nearly ¼ of Vietnam’s GDP. HCMC not only attracts a large number of people but also foreign investment capital, with a total value of 4.4 billion USD, ranking first in Vietnam in terms of FDI.

It is considered a leading logistics development center in Vietnam. So what has made HCMC become such a promising land?

A strategic location for Logistics
A strategic location for Logistics

HCMC stands as a pivotal transportation hub, seamlessly connecting the region via land, water, and air, while serving as an international gateway. Its robust logistics infrastructure, encompassing a modern network and a comprehensive range of transportation options tailored for export activities, further cements its position as a thriving commercial center.

The city’s harbor, boasting a significant cargo handling capacity, strategically positioned near major international shipping routes, facilitates seamless maritime cargo movement. To encourage the country’s economic locomotive, the government has issued many exclusive policies to attract investment and develop the logistics industry, creating a favorable business environment for enterprises.

City Tour – Journey to explore HCMC’s past trade from the riverside

To provide VILOG 2024 participants with a deeper understanding of HCMC’s strategic advantages and logistics development potential, WR1 is organized a unique activity called City Tour, As part of the Business Connecting 2024 THEN & NOW program, the City Tour will offer participants a panoramic tour of HCMC on a Saigon River Yacht.

This journey will showcase the city’s rich history and modern landmarks, demonstrating the city’s past and present logistics potential. You’ll see sights from Thu Ngu Flagpole,  Dragon Wharf, Ben Nghe Port, Tan Thuan Port, Cat Lai Terminal and return to Bach Dang Wharf.

City Tour - Journey to explore HCMC’s past trade from the riverside
City Tour – Journey to explore HCMC’s past trade from the riverside

Under the theme THEN & NOW, the City Tour will transport participants to significant historical sites that have played a pivotal role in shaping the city’s prosperous and vibrant character.

At the same time, participants can explore HCMC’s commercial landscape to understand the driving forces behind its status as the economic powerhouse of Southeast Vietnam and the nation’s most thriving economic hub.

THEN: Glimpses into HCMC’s legacies of trade

Bạch Đằng Wharf: Once a bustling commercial hub, Bạch Đằng Wharf witnessed a flurry of trading activities and exchanges. Ships from various nations converged here, bringing goods from around the globe. This historic wharf served as a gateway to Saigon’s economic growth during the colonial era and the early 20th century.

Thu Ngu Flagpole (Cột cờ Thủ Ngữ): Thu Ngu Flagpole boasts a rich past. Originally a tax collection site under the Nguyễn Lords, it became the first settlement for Vietnamese settlers in Ben Nghe (1623). Built by the French in 1865, it serves as a signal tower for ships. A steam locomotive railway ran beneath it (1881 – 1953).

Khanh Hoi Bridge: Built in 1904 by the French colonists, Khanh Hoi Bridge was originally named “Le pont tournant” – the Swing Bridge. Locals referred to it as Khánh Hội Swing Bridge or “Bắc Bình Vương” Bridge, as it became a gathering point for merchant ships from across Cochinchina to conduct trade at Ben Thanh Market and Cho Lon market. The bridge’s design allowed for expansion of waterway traffic in Ben Nghe at the time.

NOW: Exploring HCMC’s Logistics Center

Ben Nghe Bridge: Constructed in 1978, Ben Nghe Bridge serves as one of the ports under the Saigon Port Authority, known as “Khu Bốc Xếp II” (Cargo Handling Area II). Currently, the port handles a diverse range of goods, including rice/paddy, cement, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural food products (rice, wheat, corn, etc.), livestock feed, various types of steel machinery and equipment, construction materials, and various types of vehicles / cars / special vehicles.

Tan Thuan Port: Primary catering to containerized cargo and heavy industrial goods, Tan Thuan Port is the leading port in HCMC, providing stevedoring services for commodities such as steel coils, steel plates, scrap steel, steel pipes, etc. In August 2005, the port was officially renamed Tan Thuan Port and became a branch of Saigon Port.

Cat Lai Port: Cat Lai Port reigns supreme as Vietnam’s largest, most modern container port. Located in HCMC, it ranks among the world’s top 25, handling a staggering 90% of southern Vietnam’s container traffic and nearly half nationally. In 2005, it became the region’s key port, taking over from Tan Cang Port. Despite exceeding its design capacity, Cat Lai Port processes a whopping 5.5 million TEU annually, boasting a remarkable 90% utilization rate.

Cat Lai Port supreme as Vietnam’s largest, most modern container port
Cat Lai Port supreme as Vietnam’s largest, most modern container port

And many other attractive places in the City Tour.

A journey to explore Ho Chi Minh City’s past from the RIVERSIDE

  • Date: 31 July, 2024
  • Cost: $100/person
  • Number of attendees: Only the first 50 register
Discover Ho Chi Minh City from a fresh perspective
Discover Ho Chi Minh City from a fresh perspective

The City Tour, offered as part of the Business Connecting 2024 THEN & NOW program, promises a unique perspective on HCMC’s transformation from a historical trading hub to a modern logistics powerhouse.

This captivating Saigon River Yacht tour will take you on a THEN & NOW journey, showcasing the city’s logistic potential past and present. Don’t miss this chance to gain a deeper understanding of trade development and Vietnam’s rise in the global logistics network through a completely new perspective.

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