Controlled & Prohibited goods for import to/via Singapore

The National Environment Agency (NEA) notices all traders, freight forwarders, cargo agents and carriers that under the Radiation Protection (Ionising Radiation) Regulations, radioactive substances used for unjustified practices are not exempted from regulatory control. These include practices involving frivolous use of radiation or radioactive substances in products (e.g. household beddings, toys, personal jewelry or adornments) by the deliberate addition of radioactive substances.

Controlled & Prohibited goods for import to/via Singapore
Controlled & Prohibited goods for import to/via Singapore

Products such as socks, pendants and wristbands may claim to generate negative ions or use “quantum energy” or “scalar energy” technologythat provides health benefits. These products also typically claim to contain added volcanic materials or minerals. Such materials are commonly associated with trace amounts of radioactive substances. As the addition of radioactive substances in these products is not justified, they are not exempted even if radioactivity is below regulatory exemption limits applicable for justified practices.

Noticed that imports of consignments of such radioactive products into Singapore will be rejected at border checkpoints, and importers of such products must return them to the country of origin. For existing stock held by local sellers/distributors, the sale or distribution of such products must be ceased, and the remaining stock be returned to the country of origin. The products are not allowed to be disposed of locally in bulk.

Goods imported into Singapore must have a clear origin
Goods imported into Singapore must have a clear origin

Local sellers/distributors who wish to sell or distribute such products must ensure that the product does not contain radioactive substances. Local sellers/distributors should carry out duediligence and obtain a lab test report (e.g. from overseas manufacturer) indicating that the product doesn’t exhibit any radioactivity. If the overseas manufacturer is unable to furnish such a report, the products should not be sold or distributed locally.

In addition, several other goods are also strictly checked before being imported to/via Singapore because these are products that are easily exploited by TBML activities to launder money, such as:

  • Precious stones and precious metals (e.g. Diamond, Jade, Gold, and Silver);
  • Work of art (e.g. paintings, sculptures);
  • Antiques over 100 years old;
  • Watches clad with precious metal casings or precious metals;
  • Wildlife;
  • Waste.

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Source: National Environment Agency – NEA

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