WR1 – Journey to Enhance Vehicle Capacity

Vehicle capacity is a determining factor in a company’s ability to carry out the transportation of goods for customers. A transportation company with strong vehicle capacity will be capable of effectively meeting the transportation needs of customers, ensuring reliability and on-time delivery. This capacity includes the quantity, quality, operational capabilities, and availability of those vehicles.
WR1 – Journey to Enhance Vehicle Capacity
WR1 – Journey to Enhance Vehicle Capacity
The increasing demand for import and export goods has led to a significant growth in services such as: customs declaration, maritime transport, international container transportation, etc. A crucial service playing an indispensable role in the supply chain is container transportation and shipping.
WR1 takes pride in the consistent growth of its vehicle capacity over the years, specifically:
– In 2005, WR1, a small-scale transportation unit, had only 4 vehicles.
– In 2015, anticipating the trend of the sharing economy, WR1 formed a vehicle alliance in collaboration with fellow owner-drivers. The capacity increased to 10 vehicles.
– From 2017 to 2019, WR1 enhanced its transportation capacity to standardize its image, aligning with the alliance’s fleet by investing in 8 HINO vehicles. The capacity increased from 10 to 20 vehicles.
– In 2020 to the present, the alliance now boasts a total of 30 participating vehicles.
The vehicle fleet operates according to specific routes, undergoing regular inspections and maintenance by WR1’s strict procedures and regulations before hitting the road. The entire fleet is equipped with tracking devices to monitor routes, ensuring strict control over time, locations, and continuous updates in the system. Modern, reliable, and efficient vehicles enhance productivity and improve service quality.
WR1's domestic transport fleet
WR1’s domestic transport fleet
“With its current vehicle capacity, WR1 is honored to provide services to several major clients, including Vipax, Dolphin, GK, DDV,…”
With the goal of becoming a leading provider in domestic container transportation services. WR1 continually strives to enhance quality efforts in order to deliver services with the highest quality, along with transparency and clarity.
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