The Covid-19 pandemic has created momentum for the acceleration of technology in all industries, forming a market with connectivity based on the power of technology. Technology helps optimize transportation processes, save costs, and increase business efficiency in logistics.
The reality of technology application in the logistics industry
According to figures published by Gulf Business, applying the right technology to the logistics industry saves up to 56% time in the shipment processing process, 65% reduction in manual data entry, and 77% reduction in manual data entry steps for shipping operations. The difficulties caused by the pandemic and the explosion of e-commerce have made businesses more aware of the importance of applying technology in logistics activities. Consumers expect not only the quality but also the delivery time of goods. The application of technology helps to reshape and maintain a smooth supply chain.
The cons of applying technology in logistics
        • Reduce operating costs: The costs of labor, transportation, etc., will be significantly reduced. Automation technology replaces people to do jobs such as arranging goods, unmanned transport vehicles, reducing the rate of vehicles running without goods, etc.
        • Store all data for statistics, analysis, and reporting: Logistics technology software stores all information about the order shipping process. Automated software helps to avoid errors such as missing data or problems that cannot be detected by manual data entry.
        • Synchronizing all information sources: information is stored on the same platform to help manage order status, better flow, and reduce the time to handle arising problems.
        • Improve service quality, and increase business competitiveness with rival companies.
WR1 – Online logistics platform with optimal logistics services

Building products based on understanding customers’ difficulties, WR1 always strives to develop to stimulate demand for more breakthrough and convenient logistics services. Contributions and sharing of customers from the service experience are essential for improving and developing better products. Using the newly launched WR1 platform, customers will receive a quick quote for the number of goods ordered. Quickly check order status and save tracking time with a real-time monitoring system. In addition, WR1 has a free CFS program with international export orders until the end of 2022. To meet the development needs of the market, the application of technology in logistics is necessary. WR1 services will help customers optimize service costs and ensure product performance throughout the business process.

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