Vietnam hosts Fiata World Congress 2025

Vietnam is proud to be the name honored on the agenda at the FIATA World Congress 2022, officially becoming the chosen country to host the FIATA World Congress 2025. WR1 expressed its joy and respect for the efforts of the Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA) have been selected to host the Congress of the Federation of International Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) – FIATA World Congress 2025 (FWC 2025) in Hanoi capital Interior. This is a matter of pride for Vietnam, which will open the door to extensive integration for the logistics and import-export industry.

This is an opportunity for Vietnamese logistics and import-export enterprises to meet and strengthen cooperation with thousands of leading logistics enterprises worldwide. At the same time, enhancing the position of Vietnam’s logistics industry in particular and promoting the image of Vietnam in general in the international market. Indirectly opens opportunities to improve competitiveness for businesses and develop tourism in Vietnam.

The logistics field in Vietnam is currently in a transition period, shouldering the responsibility of our country’s logistics service industry in implementing today’s foreign policy of independence, autonomy, and international integration. Vietnam’s hosting of the FIATA 2025 congress is a major turning point to promote growth for Vietnam’s logistics industry to get out of the safe zone, affirm its position with international friends, and contribute to socio-economic development. country association.


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