What’s new at VILOG 2024?

Focusing on the future of logistics, VILOG 2024 as a symbol of connections for Vietnam’s Logistics industry will provide a platform for in-depth discussions on digital transformation, sustainable airfreight practices, and green skills training for the workforce. In order to get unprecedented opportunities for collaboration and expand business connections, Business Connecting 2024: Then & Now brings a groundbreaking event series that features an exclusive Yacht City Tour and the innovative B2B Matching, where connect expands its network and list of potential customers of yours.

The Viet Nam International Logistics Exhibition 2024 - VILOG 2024
The Viet Nam International Logistics Exhibition 2024 – VILOG 2024

VILOG 2024 Returns Bigger and Better

The Vietnam International Logistics Exhibition (VILOG 2024) is scheduled for August 1-3 2024, at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) located at 799 Nguyen Van Linh in District 7, Ho Chi Minh city. With the theme “Green Logistics – the Foundation for Sustainable Development”, the exhibition promises to attract a global audience of industry leaders, logistics businesses, and relevant stakeholders.

VILOG 2024 is poised to be a landmark event for Vietnam’s logistics industry. Backed by the strong support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the insight guidance of the Department of Import and Export, VILOG boasts a powerful co-organizing team. VLA, a national association with a 30-year legacy in Vietnam’s logistics services sector, brings its deep industry knowledge. VINEXAD, an event organizer with over 40 years of experience, ensures a world-class exhibition experience.

Exhibition scale & main sectors

Building on the success of the VILOG 2023, VILOG 2024 promises an even greater impact. The 2023 exhibition attracted nearly 25,000 visitors, 265 businesses with 254 booths from 22 countries, and facilitated record-breaking trade transactions. This event marked a significant milestone in Vietnam’s logistics industry’s international integration journey.

Outstanding figures at VILOG 2023
Outstanding figures at VILOG 2023

The Vietnam International logistics Exhibition 2024 showcases innovative approaches to green logistics across five key sectors:

  • Transport & Forwarding
  • Smart warehouse & Cold chain
  • Packaging Equipment & Technology
  • Logistics I.T & Applications
  • Other Support Services

VILOG 2024: A spotlight on Sustainable Logistics in Vietnam

Following the achievements of VILOG 2023, the Vietnam International Logistics Exhibition (VILOG) returns for 2024 with a new theme: “Green Logistics – A Platform for Sustainable Development”. This year’s edition concentrates on presenting solutions that minimize the environmental impact of moving goods throughout the supply chain. Aligned with Vietnam’s 21st-century vision for sustainable development, VILOG 2024 provides a platform for logistics companies to present innovative technical, technological, and strategic solutions that prioritize environmental responsibility and drive a green transformation within the industry.

Serminar, Conference, Workshop,... at VILOG 2024
Serminar, Conference, Workshop,… at VILOG 2024

Visitors can participate in a variety of events, including a seminar on Vietnam’s digital customs transformation, Cold Chain Conference, a port tour, and many other operations.

Sustainable Logistics in Vietnam
Sustainable Logistics in Vietnam

VILOG 2024 wouldn’t be complete without its in-depth program of seminars and workshops. These sessions are a cornerstone of the event, designed to offer attendees a unique opportunity to explore the cutting-edge advancements and ever-changing landscape of the logistics industry.

Enhance businesses’ experience with a expanding journey – Business Connecting 2024: Then & Now

Alongside the exhibition, the comprehensive Business Connecting 2024: Then & Now program extends the exhibitor’s experience beyond the trade floor. This program includes the City Tour, a panoramic tour of Ho Chi Minh City on a Saigon River Yacht to explore a historical Ho Chi Minh’s logistics evolution, and the B2B Matching platform, where you can connect directly with potential partners and industry leaders to forge exciting collaborations that drive success.

City Tour: Explore Trade History Highlights of Ho Chi Minh city

The City Tour is the event to kick-off the “Business Connecting 2024 THEN & NOW” series by WR1. This event offers a unique networking opportunity for logistics companies. Designed to highlight Ho Chi Minh’s strengths as a key Asia-Pacific logistics hub, this tour connects participants and fosters investment possibilities within this promising sector.

City Tour: Journey to Explore Back in Tim
City Tour: Journey to Explore Back in Tim

Participants will embark on a Saigon River cruise, providing panoramic views of historical sites and modern landmarks that showcase the city’s evolution. Key sights include Bach Dang Wharf, Cat Lai Terminals, Khanh Hoi bridge, Ben Nghe Port, Tan Thuan Port, Phu My bridge, and so on. This exclusive experience, limited to only 50 participants, goes beyond sightseeing. It offers firsthand insight into the operations and potential of the logistics industry, fostering meaningful connections with fellow attendees and industry leaders.

Discover Ho Chi Minh City from a fresh perspective
Discover Ho Chi Minh City from a fresh perspective

B2B Matching: Expanding connections – Fostering collaborations

VILOG 2024’s B2B Matching program, hosted by VLA and organized by WR1, connects you directly with potential partners in your field. This one-on-one meeting opportunity allows you to expand your network and explore exciting collaborations across industries like manufacturing, trading, logistics, IT solutions, and warehousing.

B2B Matching: One-on-One meeting for businesses success
B2B Matching: One-on-One meeting for businesses success

VILOG, attracting over 20,000 attendees from diverse countries, provides the perfect platform to find your partner match. This creates a prime platform to find potential partners, investors, supplies, and customers aligned with your business goals. B2B Matching VILOG 2024 facilitates face-to-face interactions, enabling you to build rapport and create strong personal connections with potential partners and customers. It facilitates direct engagement with relevant attendees and exhibitors, sparking productive conversations and uncovering potential collaborations. These connections can pave the way for new market opportunities and fuel long-term growth. But the benefits extend beyond the event itself.

One-on-One meeting at SECC
One-on-One meeting at SECC

Through a matchmaking app, indicators gain access to detailed profiles of all participants. This allows them to connect with potential partners, clients, and collaborators even after the conference. The app facilitates continuous communication and fosters meaningful connections that extend far beyond the event’s duration.

B2B Matching: Expanding connections - Fostering collaborations
B2B Matching: Expanding connections – Fostering collaborations

In summary, beyond the exhibition itself, VILOG offers a comprehensive “Business Connecting 2024 THEN & NOW” program. Embark on an enriching 3-in-1 journey at this year’s premier Logistics event, where you’ll foster valuable connections through one-on-one B2B Matching, explore a historical logistics cruise (City tour), and gain insights from industry experts at insightful seminars. Don’t miss this exceptional networking opportunity for Logistics professionals!

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