WR1 – Logistics Company: Pioneering Digital Transformation in the Vietnamese Logistics Industry

Innovation in the logistics sector is the key to unlocking new opportunities, and WR1 proudly stands as one of the pioneers in digital transformation within Vietnamese logistics. Since its establishment in 2017, WR1 has continuously strived for innovation to provide a professional transportation experience, meeting the increasingly diverse needs of its customers.

Let’s explore the journey of WR1 – where digital transformation is not just a trend but a commitment to delivering optimal value for customers and society.

Logistics Company
Logistics Company

About WR1

WR1 – Logistics Company is a leading entity in Vietnam, spearheading the digital transformation in the logistics industry and serving as a reliable partner for companies and forwarders both domestically and internationally

In our business activities, beyond efforts for service quality and optimizing solutions for customers, WR1 also focuses on building and sustainable development according to the ESG model to bring environmental protection solutions, promote “green living”, while fulfilling our social responsibilities to the Vietnamese logistics community.

With a professional team, WR1 is committed to providing advanced transportation solutions, utilizing modern technology to optimize costs and time. The mission “WR1 – We are one” reflects the commitment to efficient international cargo delivery, with the aim of becoming a top-tier Vietnamese enterprise by 2030.

Overview of WR1 – Logistics Company Services

WR1’s LCL Shipping Service – Global Wholesale Carrier

Global Wholesale Carrier

WR1 is a next-generation Master Consolidator and a trusted transportation partner exclusively for Forwarders, LSPs, 3PL, and 4PL. With over 20 years of experience, we are committed to providing high-quality services, exclusively supporting companies both domestically and internationally.

Expert in Bidding

WR1’s team of experts, with over 10 years of experience handling shipments for Japanese, Korean, and American Forwarders, not only meets stringent requirements but also ensures optimal transportation solutions at competitive prices. We provide continuous innovation and creativity, catering to monthly, quarterly, and yearly demands.

Cargo Transportation

WR1 ensures flexibility in transporting oversized, overloaded, and stackable cargo. From oversized to stackable cargo, we provide container loading solutions tailored to specific requirements, ensuring cargo safety and cost efficiency.

Standard CFS Warehouse System

Modern Infrastructure:

  •  High-rack shelving increases storage capacity
  • 24/7 surveillance cameras 
  • Transportation equipment, including forklifts and electric tow tractors to environment friendly
  • Fire prevention and control system

Modern Management:

  •  WMS VN warehouse management system
  • Standardized barcode inventory management and packaging for export

Additional Services:

  •  24/7 consulting and support
  •  Insurance services
  •  Support for labeling, fumigation, packaging, and cargo reinforcement
  • Counting & weighing services

WR1’s LCL Service, it’s a comprehensive solution that meets all customer needs, optimizing the supply chain and delivering the highest value.

WR1’s Inland Transportation Service

Connecting Resources and Sustainable Commitment

WR1 is not just a transportation provider but also a resource connector, guiding and training “small-scale” transport teams. We provide training in professionalism, skills, and professional service styles to build a high-quality transport team.

As one of the leading companies in the comprehensive application of technology, not only in management but also in operational processes, WR1 always ensures transparent, safe, and efficient control of transportation and cargo information.

We actively engage in environmental protection activities and promote a “green living” spirit within the logistics community, both domestically and internationally. Moreover, WR1 is a pioneer in road transportation, implementing solutions to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment, such as reusing empty containers and optimizing routes through the TMS platform.

Application of TMS in Management

WR1 – Logistics Company is a pioneer in applying Transportation Management System (TMS) and GPS tracking technology, supports customers with quick updates, convenient data retrieval, and comprehensive and efficient order management.

Specialized Routes and GPS Applications

  • Control and optimize costs by reducing procedures and optimizing routes
  • Track the entire transportation process on a single platform.
  • Real-time updates on cargo status.
  •  Save operational management time through automatic systems.

Main Specialized Routes

  • Bien Hoa – Amata – Vinh Cuu Route
  • QL51 Route (Long Thanh – Nhon Trach – Ba Ria Vung Tau)
  • Linh Trung High-Tech Industrial Cluster – Song Than Industrial Cluster
  • Song Than Industrial Cluster – VSIP – My Phuoc – Bau Bang
  • Tan Duc Industrial Cluster – Duc Hoa Industrial Cluster

FTL, LTL Services

In addition to handling import-export cargo, WR1 also provides North-South transportation services, cargo transferred between ports of all sizes and dimensions.

All drivers participating in the WR1 transportation alliance undergo in-depth training, holding ecological driving certificates. This team is not only professional but also trained in fuel-efficient and safe driving techniques on all routes.

FCL & AIR Shipping Services by WR1

FCL (Full Container Load) Service

WR1 takes pride in providing full container load (FCL) shipping services from major ports such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, and Da Nang to over 60 countries worldwide, with a primary focus on regions in Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia.

AIR Service

WR1 collaborates closely with over 12 major airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, and many others. This is to meet fast and efficient cargo transportation for customers.

Flexibility and Diversity:

  • Import-Export Services: WR1 offers import and export cargo transportation services through air routes with various forms such as Express, aircharter, and DDP console.
  • Reasonable Costs: We are committed to providing reasonable and competitive prices in the air transportation sector.
  • Flexible Flight Schedules: WR1 ensures flexible flight schedules, allowing customers to easily plan and manage transportation times according to their needs.
  • WR1’s FCL and Air Shipping Services bring not only convenience and flexibility to businesses but also ensure the quality and safety of the transported goods.

Partner Network – The Journey to Reliability

Agency Network in Over 60 Countries

WR1 takes pride in its extensive agency network, present in over 60 countries worldwide. We continually promote our expansion while consistently enhancing the quality of international cargo transportation services. With close relationships and a strategic focus on global partnerships, WR1 ensures customers have a flexible and reliable network system.

Companion Relationships

We don’t merely view our relationships with partners as a necessary link to achieve business goals. More importantly, WR1 builds relationships based on a spirit of friendship, fostering long-term and robust connections. We believe that win-win cooperation, where both parties benefit, is the key to creating sustainable value.

Why Choose WR1 Services?

When choosing WR1 as your transportation partner, customers can rest assured because:

  • Mutually Beneficial Collaboration: WR1’s partner relationships are built on the principle of mutually beneficial collaboration, where the success of the customer is our success.
  • Competitive Pricing: WR1 is committed to providing competitive prices while remaining flexible in meeting the diverse needs of customers.
  •  Convenience: Serving both as a cargo transportation service and a reliable partner, WR1 brings comprehensive benefits and solutions to its customers.
  • Dedicated and Dynamic Team: Our team consists of dedicated and dynamic individuals ready to tackle any problem and deliver the best service experience to customers.

With WR1, every action and decision is geared toward the goal of establishing strong, sustainable, and reliable partner relationships.

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