Through organizing a fundraising running event for planting trees, WR1 has brought memorable experiences to its members and promoted healthy living habits. At the same time, by raising awareness of social responsibility and environmental protection, the program has contributed to creating tangible value for the community and the shared living environment.

A green journey, strong body – “For one billion green trees in Vietnam”

Following the 26-day journey of UpRace 2, covering 19,505 km by 195 WR1-ers, UpRace 3 continued with the route “For one billion green trees in Vietnam” and achieved a new record with 33,032 km, equivalent to 99,096,000 VND donated to the green tree fund, with the participation of nearly 200 WR1 members.

Joining hands in the journey to contribute to “one billion green trees in Vietnam” through the UpRace running program.
The program further emphasizes the message: “Not only improving physical and mental health but also spreading the NETZERO WARRIOR spirit of environmental protection to the community.”

The UpRace journey has spread the NETZERO WARRIOR spirit of environmental protection to the community.
In UpRace 2, “Green Spirit – strong body” in 2022, every kilometer recorded contributed 3,000 VND to the Green Tree Fund. After 26 days of launching, the program recorded 19,505 km, equivalent to over 66 million VND contributed to support tree care activities in Chau Doc City.

Tree planting activity in the program “For one billion green trees in Vietnam”

WR1 members join together to support the program of planting 1 billion green trees “For a green Vietnam.”
On June 12th, WR1 was honored to receive and donate 2,500 green trees and 20 million VND for the care of green trees to Chau Doc – An Giang province. This small gesture by WR1 not only contributes to environmental protection but also contributes to creating greater sustainability for Vietnam’s ‘green lungs,’ making them healthier and more sustainable.

WR1 was honored to be presented with 2,500 green trees and 20 million VND for the care of green trees in Chau Doc – An Giang province

WR1 members at the tree donation ceremony in Chau Doc – An Giang.

Awareness of climate change during the ‘Southern Horizon’ journey

During the ‘Southern Horizon’ journey, WR1 members also had the opportunity to trek in the Forbidden Mountain, enjoying the beautiful scenery and peaceful ambiance of the mountainous forest.

WR1 members trekked and enjoyed the serene scenery of the mountainous forest.

Trekking in the Forbidden Mountain during the ‘Southern Horizon’ journey.
These activities not only improve the health and promote the sports spirit of each individual but also contribute to the environmental protection campaign through fundraising for tree planting, raising awareness and responsibility for environmental protection, which WR1 aims for.

WR1 members during the trekking journey in the Forbidden Mountain.
During this journey, WR1 members passed through and witnessed the solar energy field where water levels have significantly decreased over the years due to the impacts of climate change. This experience has played an important role in raising awareness of environmental protection and encouraging individuals to save energy, thereby contributing to the protection of resources and building a more sustainable future.

Image showing significant water level decrease over the years due to the effects of climate change.
The current climate change situation is becoming increasingly dangerous and concerning. We are witnessing the negative impacts of resource exploitation, industrial production, and the increasing emission levels. However, we don’t always have to wait for government policies and regulations to start taking action and protecting the environment.

WR1 members join hands to plant trees for a green environment.
Instead, each of us can contribute through small actions, such as planting and caring for trees in suitable locations. Planting trees not only creates green spaces, reduces temperatures, and increases humidity, but also improves air quality. Moreover, trees provide habitats for many species and enhance the quality of the soil, facilitating agriculture and production.

WR1 was honored to be presented with 2,500 green trees and 20 million VND for the care of green trees in Chau Doc – An Giang province.

Small actions can create significant changes and contribute to environmental protection.
We are living in an era where environmental preservation has become a top concern for many people. In addition, environmental protection is an issue that WR1 consistently prioritizes in its activities. This not only brings benefits to individuals but also generates immense value for society.
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